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Alternative Drinks

Friday May 21st, 2021
Posted by Drink Easy

If there’s one thing we learned from the last Drink Easy Awards, it’s that there are so many exciting and delicious drinks that sit outside the ‘traditional’ categories of wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. Here at Drink Easy HQ, we like to call them ‘alternative drinks’, and this year we’ve introduced a category just for them!

Drink Easy exists to celebrate and bring together all streams of beverage creation in Australia, and we are beyond excited to now welcome even more types of drinks!

“Alternative drinks are not necessarily one or two things that are happening," says Thurman Wise, Director of Brand and Innovation at CAPI and Head judge of Drink Easy’s Non-Alcoholic category. ⁠

“People are going left, right and centre and there are so many new categories within the sub categories… which we will see form a lot of trends for other parts of the industry. It’s kind of the Wild West of [drinks]”⁠

We’re loving all the Alt-Drinks submissions that have been rolling in and, just quietly, are pretty excited to give them a whirl on our taste buds. ⁠

As Fred Siggins (Sales and Marketing Manager at Adelaide Hills Distillery and Head Judge of Drink Easy's Spirits category) says: "Any producer out there should enter Drink Easy because you’ll get some really honest and genuine feedback on whether the beverage was successful on its own merit and not on the basis on whether it fits into a particular style guide. "

So, let’s celebrate and reward the experimental crafters who think outside of the box, push the boundaries, and have fun doing it.

Alternative Drinks: 

1. Sake

2. Alcoholic Kombucha

3. Hard Lemonade

4. Mead

5. Hard Seltzer

6. Ready to Drink 

7. Other Alternative Drinks