How To Enter


Prepare all the following information: 

  • Your company name

  • Brand name(s) of products and variety

  • Product name as you would like it to be published   

  • State and Region

  • Type of closure (relevant for wine category only)

  • Drinking Window (from and to)

  • Vintage (relevant for wine category only)

  • Alcohol percentage

  • RRP $


Note: Please check all information is still current

  1. Register your account details (or log in, if you already have an account)

  2. Add company details (your producer name or subsidiary company name)

  3. Complete all fields (phone, street address, suburb, postcode, state and country)

  4. Please provide your subscription preferences

  1. Add your company, brand name and product name/variety and confirm details

  2. Entry Category – choose product type (Beer and Cider, Wine, Spirits, Non-Alcoholic or Alternative)

  3. Choose your sub-category and confirm details

  4. For our wine, beer, spirits and cider categories, choose style and confirm details

  5. Enter all relevant product information – state, region, closure (applicable to wine category only), drinking window, vintage, alcohol (N/A for non-alcoholic) and RRP

  6. Add your entry

  7. Opt-Into Easy on the Eye competition (Yes/No)

  8. When ready, submit your entry and pay using our payment gateway Stripe

  1. Regardless of category, the fee is $95 (exc. GST) for each individual entry. Drink Easy is an Australian business and all prices listed are in Australian (AUD) dollars

  2. Only credit card payments are accepted through our payment gateway Stripe

  3. You will not be able to submit an entry without payment; every submission will receive a confirmation email with a summary of all entries within the submission. The confirmation email will also include a payment summary from our payment gateway Stripe


Your email confirmation will include a PDF link to download shipping labels. Please download the shipping label for the location where you intend to send the products.  

Three (3) bottles or cans of each entry are required, regardless of corkage type for wine

Six (6) bottles or cans for cider, beer, mead, other fermented alcoholic drinks, alternative drinks and non-alcoholic beverages

Two (2) bottles of each entry is required for spirits (unless in a 500ml bottle or less, if this is the case (3) bottles are required)

One (1) bottle of shrubs and cordials (unless in a 500ml bottle or less, if this is the case (2) bottles are required)

Please affix a label to your bottles that includes your submission Entry ID number in a prominent position on the bottle

Please label each carton using our shipping labels

Deliveries will only be accepted between 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday at Freighthub

Please do not submit mixed category cartons

All state deliveries will only be accepted between Monday, March 1, 2021 to Wednesday, July 28, 2021 between the hours of 8am - 3pm

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Submissions Close Thursday, Sep 1st 2022