About Drink Easy

The Drink Easy Awards are a celebration of Australian drinks and the culture that surrounds brewing, distilling and fermenting. The aim of the awards is to bring together all streams of beverage creation in Australia and reward those at the apex of their craft. It is an egalitarian awards aimed at elevating collections of drinks that represent not only the notion of ‘high quality’ but the development and creativity found within their community.

The core aspiration of these awards is to educate a wide and inclusive community on what ‘drinks easy’ and where to find these drinks. The awards represent a new paradigm in their national scope with a broad and diverse range of judges, relevant criteria for judging and results that are readily and permanently available as references to consumers. Key to the Drink Easy Awards is common sense, detailed reporting of results and a collection of drinks that represent the excellence and charisma of beverages available from Australian producers.

The Drink Easy Awards will include a series of national events, tastings and educational gatherings with creative occasions arising regularly through the year.

The Drink Easy Awards are proudly in partnership with Broadsheet Media. Broadsheet Media represents a creative and informative platform to present the results of the Drink Easy Awards, allowing a broad-reaching dissemination of awards and recommendations by the Drink Easy Awards judging groups.

Our Team

Tamrah Petruzzelli Mike Bennie Duncan Welgemoed

From diverse backgrounds, including journalism, festival direction, creative consulting, marketing, media, restaurants and social justice, this potent trio have combined their skills and intent for an alliance that is working for the betterment of the Australian cultural landscape. Each of the directors is working at the peak of their industries. The union here aims to create a new, relevant and potent dialogue about best of drinks in Australia.